Thailand’s best beaches: Chao Lao

Those flocking to Thailand for the beaches often overlook the mainland, unless they’re headed to Krabi. But I recently discovered one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen in this fair country. Chao Lao beach, around four hour’s drive from Bangkok and close to Chantaburi, is not an idyllic deserted island paradise. It’s popular with … Continue reading Thailand’s best beaches: Chao Lao


Pondering Pokémon in Bangkok

It’s 34 degrees Celsius and 60% humidity. I’m in Lumpini Park, Bangkok, bypassing the languid monitor lizards and shady groves in search of a concentration of Pokéstops set with lures. I’m seeking out gamers attending the city’s first ever Pokémon Go meetup. 3,000 RSVP’d yes on Facebook, the buzz on the discussion page running from … Continue reading Pondering Pokémon in Bangkok