Trans-Siberian: Spirits of St Petersburg

Did you ever own, or covet, or know someone who owned one of those intricate, delicate dolls houses that was painted gorgeous colours, beautifully furnished with luxury upholstery in miniature, and had a teeny tray of buns on the kitchen table? To me, St Petersburg’s historic centre feels like a vast collection of these houses, … Continue reading Trans-Siberian: Spirits of St Petersburg


Trans-Siberian: Mooching around Moscow

I am not sure if you’ve ever walked beneath an archway created by a straddling pair of live human legs. It’s an unsettling experience, especially when the human is a complete stranger. It’s one of many unique experiences I can now claim since traveling on the Trans-Siberian. The legs belonged to a teenage girl in … Continue reading Trans-Siberian: Mooching around Moscow